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Logo & Identity Design
As Unique as Your Fingerprints
Everything begins with your logo. Presentation is everything, and with so many companies to choose from nowadays, customers will immediately either validate or reject a brand based on their first impression. At Jcreativelab, we will work with you to create a powerful logo design and brand identity to represent your business or organization. Whether you’re running a brand new startup or an established company, it is critical that you creatively present your identity to your consumers or clients. Your logo should speak directly to your goals, services, and/or products in a positive way. It should be instantly recognizable and bring positive images to mind and provide an emotional connection at its core.

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Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)
Create. Test. Optimize. Repeat.
Our approach to online advertising and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns is truly one of a kind. While the majority of our competitors start running and charging PPC campaigns to their clients from the get-go in Google Adwords, Facebook, etc, our difference is that we test which keywords will be most successful for you before we begin running advertising campaigns. In other words, most marketing agencies are going in blindly to online advertising, and they adjust along the way. But we prefer to prove your keywords first, which saves you money AND increases your chances for a higher ROI. Jcreativelab is also very experienced with creating premium quality designs and Flash animation for PPC, as well as provides frequent campaign reporting and optimization.

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Social Media & E-mail Marketing
Go Viral and Engage Visitors
Yes, we all use Facebook…but are you properly leveraging Facebook and the plethora of other social media sites like Twitter, Pinterest, Vine, and LinkedIn to get the greatest amount of exposure and engagement for your business? And let me tell you the secret to monetizing Social Media… it’s Email Marketing. One of the things that really makes us different from many other consultants is that we know email marketing like Martha Stewart knows vermillion. What? But really, Social Media & Email Marketing are one of the most cost effective forms of marketing, and we can help you with all of it. Whether you want an e-mail newsletter or social media engagement, our capable team can help you find the right way to reach your customers.

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Copywriting Services
Original Content for Original Clients
Great copywriting does more than get your message out there. It combines that message with your best qualities to create copy your readers can relate to. They’ll feel the difference between you and your competitors and be compelled to act. That’s why we take all the time we need to get to know you, your business, and your customers. When we’re done, you’ll get exactly what you need and so will your readers. Our agency can also assist clients with projects such as: Crowd Sourcing, Product Naming, SEO Content, Creative Services, Whitepapers, and Press Releases.
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Website Design & Development
Get a New Site or Refresh an Existing One
With over 27 million small businesses in the US and a booming number of web-based companies, sticking out from the competition is now more important than ever. Whether your current website design needs to be updated, or you need to start a site from scratch, we’re always “thinking outside the flask” to ensure that you have the most attractive and differentiated look possible. When Jcreativelab meets with you for the first time, we listen to your needs, your concerns and your vision. Then we begin building out a series of possible design directions and evaluate the various ways a customer interacts with your site. We design your site to meet each of your needs, and always plan for long-term growth.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Get to the Top of Google
Google gives results for billions of search queries a day and more than 60% of all clicks happen on page 1 of search results. Where do you rank? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) empowers you to get in front of qualified prospects the exact moment they search for your product or solution. We take a three-phase approach to SEO: Background Research & Strategy, Implementation, Tracking & Adjusting. SEO packages may also include XML Site Map generation and submission, Custom Meta Data (page titles, meta content, meta description and meta keywords, heading tags H1s, alt tags, etc), internal and external link building, and more.

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Mobile App Development
62% of Mobile Users Own Smartphones
Mobile app design is an art as much as it is a science. In the last few years, there has been explosive growth in mobile apps, and, as a result, there’s been a corresponding explosion in iPhone and Android app development. If you’re looking to build an amazing new mobile application for your business or if you have an awesome new idea for a product, Jcreativelab’s team of experienced designers and content producers can build your vision. We create beautiful and functional user interfaces that are intuitive and easy-to-use.

Marketing Collateral
Marketing Collateral
Business Supplements That Turn Heads
Marketing brochures, business cards, letterhead, trade show fliers and banners, posters, direct mail — whatever face you put forward to the world is the one by which you’ll be judged. If creating professional and compelling marketing collateral isn’t your company’s core competency, why do it in-house? At Jcreativelab, we create crisply written, neatly designed and highly focused collateral that is aimed at spreading information and, more importantly, inducing a call-to-action. Click here to tell us what you need and we look forward to speaking with you!
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