Joshua and Justin had been collaborating for years on a number of successful brand design and marketing projects before they finally decided to officially join forces and start their own agency. As the founders of JcreativeLab, they have worked on both the client and agency side, and have each emerged with a balanced perspective that understands both the complexities and solutions faced by both. For more information about how JcreativeLab can help your company with website design, brand identity, and Search Engine Marketing, please visit our Services page, or email us directly at with any questions. We look forward hearing from you!

Joshua Carey
Co-Founder/Art Director
Joshua is the Co-Founder and Design Director at Jcreativelab. He is also the principal, art director, and lead graphic designer at J Carey Design. He has over 17 years of professional design experience. Over the years Joshua has been the lead designer on projects for clients that include Nike, Vonage, Business Week, Disney, AOL, Konami and Charter Communications. In 2006 while working with CreativeLift in San Francisco, Joshua was responsible for creating the current Vonage identity. Besides brand identity, Joshua specializes in creating marketing collateral, website design, online display ads, Flash animation, direct mail packaging and mobile app design.
Justin Epstein
Co-Founder/Marketing Director
Justin is the other Co-Founder and Marketing Director at Jcreativelab. After a stint in Washington DC as a Congressional Aide, Justin found his niche when he moved to San Francisco and landed a gig at the Pay-Per-Click search advertising company LookSmart, followed by a move to the global brand consulting firm Landor Associates. He has 7+ years of marketing experience in San Francisco and his resume includes clients ranging from established corporations such as Citigroup and LG Electronics to small startups like JBQAV and ProblemZOOM. His specialties include PPC advertising, SEO, and copywriting, and his hobbies are tennis, surfing, and scrabble.

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